【Animal Crossing New Horizons】Bugs in April that makes money【ACNH】

April bugs that you should catch!

If you find these bugs, they can be sold in high prices so don’t hesitate to capture them!

April Bugs sold in high prices

Peacock butterfly

Sold : 2500 Bells

Really easy to find.

But you’ll need blue, black, purple colored flowers.

Best to start flower color mixing soon enough.

Paper kite butterfly

Sold : 1000 Bells

Easy to find.

Agrias butterfly

Sold : 3000 Bells

Rare bug.

This butterfly flies really quick. Be careful not to lose him (or her).

Rajah brooke’s birdwing

Sold : 2500 Bells

Quite rare. Found in larger size (compared to other butterflies).

Atlas moth

Sold : 3000 Bells

Found in trees at night time.

I screamed when I found this moth in first time.

Madagascan sunset moth

Sold : 2500 Bells

Quite rare. Not seen much.

Orchid mantis

Sold : 2400 Bells

Found quite a lot but sold in high price.


Sold : 2500 Bells

The Animal Crossing series enemy.

The only difficulty is trying to catch it.

Giant water bug

Sold : 2000 Bells

Found in floating around river or pond.

Man-faced stink bug

Sold : 1000 Bells

Found quite a lot as of Orchid mantis. Easy money maker.

Tiger beetle

Sold : 1500 Bells

Surprisingly it actually sold in high price.

Found on ground.

Jewel beetle

Sold : 2400 Bells

Quite rare.

Only found on tree stump.

Hermit crab

Sold : 1000 Bells

Found in blue shells. Best by capturing while fishing by the sea.


Sold : 8000 Bells

The good ol Tarantula. Sold in 8000 Bells…

But, mostly dangerous when you get bitten…(^-^;