【Steelbook Review】Movie “Thor”【hmv】

Finally got the thor’s first movie steelbook!!!

It’s always sold in high price on ebay…

Today, I will review this awesome steelbook of “thor”!

Steelbook Review


Our mighty lord Thor stands in the middle of black cover.

I remember how he has his long hair…(crying)

The title “THOR” is embossed.


In the back is Thor’s best buddy Mjolnir (MunyoMunyo).

The tip of hammer shines, while the broken glass also shines too.

Spine Cover

Spine cover has the titile “THOR”

Still there was some scratch in the middle of title that I can’t do anything about it…


The main four characters. I miss them all…(crying again)

With the disc on. Leaflet was included also.