【Steelbook Review】Movie “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”【Premium Box JP】

This article is SW’s 7th movie, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Steelbook Review.

Steelbook Review


Front is written as Light side. You can see Rei and the other androids.

Covered in red tone, the blue light saber stands out.


Dark side. Our hero Kiro Ren is pictured.

I wonder how he can hold his light saber without cutting off his fingers.

Spine Cover

“The Last Jedi” title is written on the spine.

It is usually characters faces line up, but I don’t know why they changed it now.


The best scenes of last jedi.

I think the directors really worked on how the red and white are contrast.

Great scene how the ship scrapes the salt and charging into the bigger enemy.

Many contrast are made in movie so it is unique to find how the light side and the dark side are compared.